Innovative method for efficient manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

The Swedish Energy Agency grants Chromafora AB a conditional loan of SEK 3 815 500 as a business development support. The company has developed a patent pending method for energy efficient manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and fine-chemicals, which is also environmental friendly and cost efficient.

“The loan will be used to verify the method’s performance and finalise a process engineering solution for energy-efficient production on a large scale” says Markus Berglund, Business Developer at the Swedish Energy Agency.

The demand for cost efficient methods for producing pharmaceuticals is expected to increase considerably the next few years. The research supplier IMS Health forecasts the global pharmaceuticals market to grow from €750bn (2011) to €940bn (2016), which would add up to an annual growth of 4,7 per cent. In addition to this, forthcoming patent expiries are expected to accelerate the shift from patent protected pharmaceuticals to generic pharmaceuticals with identical active ingredients. Low production cost is a key competitive advantage for manufacturers of generic pharmaceuticals.

Chromafora AB is managed by CEO Henrik Rundgren. The innovators behind the technology, Gaston Laven and Martin Kullberg, both have PhDs in organic chemistry. The board of directors consists of executives from the pharmaceuticals industry, with previous experience from bringing new products and services to the market.

About the technology

Phosphines, i.e. triphenylphosphine, which are used as reagents in pharmaceutical and fine-chemical manufacturing, often provide the most efficient synthesis. Therefore, phosphines are widely used for small-scale manufacturing in the research and development phases. Due to problematic and expensive separation and waste handling of phosphines, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and fine-chemicals often choose the longer, more energy consuming and more expensive synthesis for manufacturing at commercial scale.

The method developed by Chromafora AB means that phosphines are coupled to a solid particle large enough to enable separating them from a solution by filtration. The phosphines are then reactivated and thereafter reused in the synthesis of the next batch. For pharmaceuticals and fine-chemical manufacturers, the technology provides an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process from increasing phosphine usage in commercial scale manufacturing. Furthermore, the simplified separation process enables optimizing also manufacturing parts where phosphines are used already.   

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