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The Swedish Energy Agency is dedicated to make our publications available to as many as possible. We are happy to discuss what measures we can implement to make it possible. However, this is not according to language translations.


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Please contact webbreda...@energimyndigheten.se, if you have questions, comments or missing something on the site.

Legal information

Here you find information that by law, we must provide for the use of our electronic services.

Postal address:
National Energy Authority
Kungsgatan 43
P.O Box 310
631 04 Eskilstuna
Tel: +46 16 - 544 2000
Fax: +46 16 - 544 2099


E-mail address: regis...@energimyndigheten.se

Registered: 202 100-5000

VAT: SE 202 100-5000 01

Newsletters and e-services

When you want to sign up to receive our newsletters, we collect personal information to distribute these to you. Data are also collected at our e-services, upon application and when you leave the data in our system.

The Swedish Energy Agency treats your personal information:
to identify you and verify that your email ID and your electronic signature is genuine, to administer your personal information and maintain ancillary functions such as records of applicants and submitted documents, functions for the user, etc. when using e-services, read more about this for each e-service.

Transfer of personal data

E-card and other documents can be disclosed when a reliance party must verify that the electronic documents that you have signed is genuine and that the e-ID is not blocked and to reliance parties otherwise be able to defend their rights by reason of that e - ID has been used.

Your personal information may also be disclosed to anyone who needs to read the data as a result of the electronic document that has its basis in the performance of a contract with you, a legal obligation, a task of general interest or a task in the context of public authority in which a treatment of the data is required.


The Swedish Energy Agency is a government agency. This means that messages sent to us will become public documents, which might be disclosed in accordance with the principle.

Right to request information

You have been under section 26 of the Personal Data Act (1998:204) to once per calendar year to request information about the personal data processed about you with The Swedish Energy Agency , whether collected via the website or otherwise. If you want to have such information, you should submit a written signed request to us. The request should under the Personal Data Act made on paper, and can not be sent by e-mail.