The Swedish Energy Agency publish a number of publications including facts and figures on a yearly basis.

Energy in Sweden 

Energy in Sweden is published annually and is intended to provide decision-makers, journalists, companies, teachers and the general public with a coherent and easily available source of information on developments in the energy sector. Statistics are presented up to and including year 2010, when possible. Energy in Sweden presents facts about the use and supply of energy, present energy- and climate policy and policy measures, energy prices and energy markets, the impact of energy systems on the environment, and an international outlook.

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To the right you can download the Energy in Sweden - Facts and Figures 2012 where the tabular data behind most of the diagrams in Energy in Sweden are presented.

The electricity certificate system

The electricity certificate system is a market-based support system for expansion of electricity production in Sweden from renewable energy sources and from peat. This publication describes the market status of the electricity certificate system, with statistics from 2003 to 2011. The publication also includes a description of the common Swedish- Norwegian electricity certificate market.

The electricity certificate system 2012

What is a statistical authority?

The Swedish Energy Agency is the statistical authority responsible for all official statistics on energy in Sweden. An important part of this responsibility is to ensure that statistics are collected, processed and kept up to date in a manner best suited to users’ needs.

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