How to apply for an account

There are several account types available the registry. The Trading account and Person holding accounts are available to the public. Other account types are dedicated to governments acting under the Kyoto protocol and for operators bound by law to report emissions and surrender allowances.

On these pages you will find guidance on how to apply for an account in the Swedish part of the Union registry.

Every application requires the applicant to provide the Swedish Energy Agency with paper documentation and to perform an electronic application in the registry itself.

The definition of an application is that a natural or legal person applies for an account in the registry. An account holder can have multiple accounts and each account must have at least two representatives. The representatives are selected by the account holder and can perform tasks in the registry, such as initiating transactions and entering emissions.

Opening of certain account types are subject to a fee, more information can be found in the specific account application guide in the subpages available in the left-side menu.

Aircraft operator holding accounts

The aircraft operators which must report emissions and surrender allowances shall open an aircraft operator holding account in the Swedish part of the Union registry. The account is not subject to any fees but can only be opened by an aircraft operator with a valid monitoring plan.

Trading account, Person Holding accounts and Person holding accounts in the Swedish registry under the Kyoto Protocol

These account types are for organisations and individuals who want to buy, cancel or trade allowances and Kyoto units. For opening of Person holding accounts and Person holding accounts in the Swedish Kyoto Protocol registry, a fee of SEK 1000 is charged. 


Verifiers need to access the registry to be able to verify the emissions reported by operators and aircraft operators. The account type is free of charge but can only be opened by a verifier with valid certification. The account type cannot hold any units.

Removing representatives

The responsibility to remove a representative which no longer should have access to an account lies with the account holder. Revoking access and powers of attorney should be done as soon as possible to minimise access problems and security risks.

Account representatives can remove account access for themselves and colleagues. But access to the registry is still active as long as it is not revoked by the Swedish Energy Agency by request of the account holder; the same applies for powers of attorney.

Contact the Swedish Energy Agency for more information on how to remove representatives.

Technical requirements

Access to the Union registry requires access to the Internet, a valid e-mail address and a mobile phone. Devices used to access the registry on the Internet should be protected by anti-virus software and a firewall.


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