Swedish Energy Pavilion

A warm welcome to the Swedish Energy Agency’s virtual pavilion on Hanover Fair 2021 in cooperation with the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Business Sweden and Wulff Entre together with selected event hosts. Here, we present you a wide range of innovative small- and medium sized companies who operate within project development, smart cities and sustainable mobility including power electronics och energy efficiency. 

Enjoy exploring our pavilion!

City with the Swedish Energy Agencys Pavillion

How to visit Swedish Energy Pavilion

After you navigate to the Mozilla Hubs room’s URL, you will be entering the room's lobby. In the lobby, you can see and hear what's going on in the room but they can’t hear you, you can only interact with the others using text chat. In order to interact with others you need to enter the room. On Desktop / Mobile, click "Enter Room" and follow the prompts to select a username/avatar and set up your mic. On the final prompt select "Enter on Screen", or "Enter on Phone" if on mobile.

How to visit the company meeting rooms

In the Swedish Energy Pavilion, there are totally 12 companies which you can visit. Simply click on the door of the company to go to the company’s meeting room and meet the company representative.

Companies in the Swedish Energy Pavilion

You can also directly go to the company’s meeting room by clicking on the company below.