Webinar - Off-street charging for plug-in electric vehicles in Nordic cities

Welcome to join this interactive webinar that explore the possibilities to facilitate deployment of charging infrastructure at off-street parking facilities. Listen, learn och get inspired from leading actors in the Nordic countries.

Deployment of charging infrastructure in cities often depart from the idea of charging stations along streets are prioritised. However, this point of departure often underestimates the challenges with this type of installations.

On-street charging stations are relatively costly to build, and most market designs stipulate other market actors to deploy charging infrastructure, rather than the cities themselves. Furthermore, on-street parking, which historically has been undisputed in the Nordics, is increasingly an item for conflict of interests in the public space.  

Off-street parking facilities already has a clear business case, i.e. that of parking. Developing the charging infrastructure at these sites have several advantages. The ownership situation is less far complex, and the installations are less expensive. Cities with public housing and parking companies can make investments that contribute to the local society by enabling charging infrastructure for their citizens.

Speakers during the webinar:

Gabriella Castegren and/or Carl Ståhle, Public Housing Sweden. Business models for multi-family houses

Gent Grinvalds Harbro, Copenhagen Electric. Deployment of charging infrastructure for housing companies in Denmark.

Eva Sunnerstedt, City of Stockholm. Presents the information campaign www.fixaladdplats.se ,which targets tenants-owned housing companies.


2 april at 09:00-10:30 (CET +1).

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The webinar is broadcast via Skype.

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The webinar is organised by the Swedish Energy Agency, as a part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ project Sustainable Nordic cities with focus on climate-smart mobility, together with the EVI Global EV Pilot City Program (EVI-PCP).

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