About us

A sustainable energy system benefits society. The Swedish Energy Agency has an overall picture of the supply and use of energy in society. We work for a sustainable energy system, combining ecological sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. The Agency:

  • Develops and disseminates knowledge about a more efficient energy use to households, industry, and the public sector.
  • Finances research for new and renewable energy technologies, smart grids, and vehicles and transport fuels of the future.
  • Supports commercialisation and growth of energy related cleantech.
  • Participates in international collaboration with the aim of attaining Swedish energy and climate objectives.
  • Manages instruments such as the Electricity Certificate System and the EU Emission Trading System.
  • Provides energy system analysis, energy forecasts and official energy statistics.

The Swedish Energy Agency is subordinate to the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and regulated by the Government through the instruction and annual appropriations directives. Parliament and the Government decide on the assignments and budget of the Agency.