Affordable and Clean Energy

The Swedish Energy Agency is a government agency responsible for matters of the supply and use of energy in Sweden. The Agency is in many aspects leading Sweden's transition to a sustainable energy system. The organisation is regulated by the Government through the instruction and annual appropriations directives.

National responsibilities and international activities

The Electricity Certificate System and the EU Emission Trading System are some of the Agency´s national responsibilities, as well as providing information, statistics, and analyses on efficient energy use to households and the industrial and public sectors. The organisation also has a coordinating role in maintaining security of energy supply on a national level.

The Swedish Energy Agency supports and funds national research on new and renewable energy technologies, smart grids, vehicles, and fuels of the future. Furthermore, the Agency supports national business development that allows for commercialisation and export of promising climate tech/cleantech innovations.

The Agency is continuously working towards environmental, economic, and social sustainability by actively committing to the global sustainability goals, hereby contributing to a sustainable societal development, nationally as well as internationally.

The collaborative international activities of the Swedish Energy Agency cover several areas and are an extensive part of the organisation's operations. The Agency is responsible for Sweden´s programme for international climate actions, aiming to develop and intensify the international cooperation in order to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.