Results from research and development

The Swedish Energy Agency provides support for research and innovation from basic research to market introduction. Let us introduce some of the projects and enterprises we have funded over the years.

Our research and innovation endeavours have contributed to significant technological advancements and the development of novel solutions and innovations, both in Sweden and internationally. Concurrently, the systems-oriented research we fund provides enhanced knowledge about how various facets of societal development can be integrated into the energy transition.


Did you know that

Every year, we distribute approximately SEK 1.5 billion to various research and innovation initiatives.

We fund projects that span the entire innovation ecosystem, from basic research to established companies.

In 2022, over 600 senior researchers and nearly 400 doctoral students were involved in the Swedish Energy Agency's various research and innovation projects. Together, they published 400 scientific articles and made over 450 conference presentations.

Between 2020 and 2022, the companies that received support for business development and commercialisation increased their net sales by SEK 5 billion and increased the number of employees by 1,700.


Our initiatives are making a difference

Our holistic and systemic approach allows our research and innovation investments to effectively contribute to a sustainable energy transition.

A unique aspect of Sweden's approach is that energy research is not separated from other energy initiatives. To successfully transition the energy system to fossil-free energy, energy research needs to be closely linked to other energy policy instruments, market conditions, permitting issues, and infrastructure issues.

This integration ensures that the Swedish Energy Agency's investments in research, innovation, and business development deliver results.

Some of our results