Objectives for gender equality in the activities for research and innovation

Since 2016 the Swedish Energy Agency has objectives for gender equality in the activities for research and innovation. The aim of the objectives is to promote diversity and equality to improve the results of the activities and to contribute to the transformation of society, promote equal treatment and secure that staff resources are used in the best possible way.

The Swedish Energy Agency has the following objectives:

  • Gender distribution shall be within the numbers 40/60 in program advisory groups, strategic advisory groups, expert groups or similar appointed by the Agency. This also includes competence centres and Strategic innovation programmes.
  • Gender distribution for approved applications per call shall normally be in the same range (+/- 10 %) compared to received applications.
  • In a longer-term perspective, the gender distribution for applications shall be within the range of 40/60 for project leaders and research students (today the distribution is 25/75 between women and men).