Our organisation

The Swedish Energy Agency is divided into departments, with several units under each department.

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Director General

Robert Andrén

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is appointed by the Government and advises the Director General.

Energy Development Board

The Energy Development Board decides on support to research development and demonstration within the area of energy. Its members are appointed by the Government, and half of them represent universities and colleges, half of them represent the business sector. The Board decides on research programmes and major projects, other decisions are made by the Agency's General Director or Heads of Departments.

Internal Audit

The Agency has a function for internal audit.

The Swedish District Heating Board

The Swedish District Heating Board was formally established on July 1, 2008. The Board is an independent organisational unit within the Energy Agency.

The task of the District Heating Board is to act as a mediator during negotiations between district heating companies and their customers regarding the terms and conditions for district heating so that the District Heating Act (2008: 263) is complied with. The Board will also be responsible for mediation with district heating companies and those companies who want to gain access to the district heating networks.

The Chairman of the Board, other members and experts are appointed by the Government.