The Electricity Certificate System

The electricity certificate is a market-based support system for renewable electricity production.

The system was established 1 May 2003 with the purpose of increasing the production of renewable electricity in a cost-efficient way.  Since 1 January 2012, Sweden and Norway have a united market for electricity certificates.

The original target for the united Swedish-Norwegian market was to increase renewable electricity production with 28,4 TWh by 2020. This target was reached ahead of time, in 2019. Sweden has in addition to the original target decided to fund 18 TWh to 2030. The new total target of 46,4 TWh to 2030 was reached as early as March 2021.

During the fall of 2020, the Swedish government decided to establish a rule that meant that the electricity certificate system would end in 2035 instead of 2045 and that new production devices that are commissioned after the end of 2021 would not be eligible for electricity certificates.