The Electricity Certificate System

The electricity certificate is a market-based support system for renewable electricity production.

The system came in to force on the 1st of May 2003 and is intended to increase the production of renewable electricity and make the production more cost-efficient. The system replaces earlier public grants and subsidy systems. There are more information about the system in the annual report which is available in the document.

From 1st January 2012, Sweden and Norway have a common electricity certificate market. Over the period until 2020, the two countries aim to increase their production of electricity from renewable energy sources by 28,4 TWh. The joint market will permit trading in both Swedish and Norwegian certificates, and receive certificates for renewable electricity production in either country.

In Sweden and Norway, plants must be commissioned before 1 January 2022 to be eligible for electricity certificates.

In June 2017 the Swedish parliament decided a new target for electricity from renewable energy sources until 2030. The system shall increase the production of electricity from renewable energy sources by further 18 TWh by 2030.