Participating in EU ETS

Emissions trading is not limited to those who are obligated to be part of the system. Other companies, organisations and individuals can also buy and sell emission units.

Account types

A prerequisite for holding emission units is to have an account in the Union Registry. There are different types of accounts in the Union Registry that are used for different purposes.

Account Types


Since the registry is not a marketplace and therefore does not handle any contract or price data, but only registers transfers of units, you must find buyers and sellers on other platforms.

Trading can take place both through spot trading, where units are transferred immediately to the buyer or through derivatives such as futures, forwards and options. In addition, units can also be bought from a common auctioning platform, EEX.


Accounts and access

In order to open an account in the Union Registry, you must first send in an application. You can read more about the application process in the link below.

Opening accounts and adding representatives