Business Development and Commercialisation

The Swedish Energy Agency supports new companies within the cleantech energy sector.

The Agency identifies business ideas and start-ups who has potential to grow and contribute to the global sustainable development.

The Swedish Energy Agency help innovators develop their ideas and product by offering different types of conditional loans. We can also contribute with technical expertise, business intelligence and business development. In our portfolio you find companies in different lines of business, stages in their development and with different needs for venture capital.

The Agency strives to create products and services from the research and development that the Swedish Energy Agency supports, but also from individual innovators and spin-offs from existing companies. In order for new and efficient energy technology to be used in society, it must be competitive, i.e. able to be offered at the right price and in the right "packaging".

We inform investors about newly-started energy technology companies and about the potential to invest in them. The Swedish Energy Agency supports the ripening of ideas that can be commercialised, in order to drive on the work with developing the Swedish energy system. The support can be summed up in three points: Capital, Knowledge and Network:

  • Capital, in that we offer conditional loans. They are given to companies that we think have a good business concept and that fulfil a series of criteria in the form of technical uniqueness, high energy-relevance and as well as a strong team behind the concept.
  • Knowledge, in that we understand the energy industry as well as the innovation system. We are experts in energyrelated business development, which can be a decisive factor for the development of new CleanTech companies.
  • The Agency's national and international contact network, includes academia, trade associations, authorities and other players within the innovation system, as well as existing companies in the field of energy and private companies that can invest in new ideas.