Business Development and Commercialisation

The Swedish Energy Agency supports new companies within the clean energy and sustaintech sector. We also inform investors about upcoming sustaintech companies and about their potential for investment.

The Swedish Energy Agency is Sweden’s largest public funder and facilitator of Swedish sustaintech companies. We support businesses with funding and knowledge throughout their entire growth journey, from basic research to commercialisation and internationalisation. Our mission is to promote Swedish energy innovations, in the effort to meet Sweden’s energy and climate goals and to help combat global climate change.

Our offer to businesses

Our support can be summarised in three points: Capital, Knowledge and Network.

  • Capital, in that we offer financial support for business development, customer validation (CV), pilot- and demonstration projects (P&D), commercialisation, and last but not least internationalisation.

  • Knowledge, in that we understand the energy industry as well as the innovation system. We work with experts in different fields to evaluate energy innovations that lead to faster growth of new sustaintech companies.

  • The Agency's national and international network includes academia, trade associations, authorities, and other players within the innovation system, as well as existing companies in the field of energy and private companies that can invest in new ideas.

Discover stories from projects and enterprises we have funded over the years: Results from research and development

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Stöd till affärsidéer, test och internationalisering (

Investment promotion

Since 2017 The Swedish Energy Agency has been assigned by the Government to help Swedish sustaintech companies grow through raised capital from private equity.

Our work helping businesses grow makes us a unique point of contact to Sweden’s most relevant sustaintech companies. This enables us to match the most promising companies with the relevant investors, in Sweden as well as internationally.

With extensive experience and expertise in supporting growing businesses, we are well-equipped to determine which businesses and solutions are the most efficient in the strive towards mitigation of global climate change. We also act as a guarantor and stand behind all the businesses we present to investors.

In our portfolio you find companies in different lines of business, various stages in their development and with different needs for venture capital.

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Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day

Each year we partner up with and co-organise the event “Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day”, a full day event where investors get the opportunity to meet and listen to 30 carefully selected Swedish companies with a strong position in their respective market.

The participating companies are selected by an independent jury, the criteria being that they can present sustainable solutions or products within energy (sustainable technology regardless of industry with some type of tech component) and contribute to the 1,5 degrees goal. Rapid sales growth and scalable business models are prioritised.

Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day has for the last four years attracted hundreds of investors including business angels, corporate ventures, venture capital companies, mutual funds, and public financiers and has thus become one of the most important arenas for sustainable investment promotion.

For more information, visit Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day (