Business development and commercialisation

The Swedish Energy Agency supports companies which contribute to a sustainable energy system. We also inform investors about upcoming companies and their potential for investment.

The Swedish Energy Agency is Sweden’s largest public funder and facilitator of Swedish sustaintech companies. We support businesses throughout their entire growth journey, from basic research to commercialisation and internationalisation. Our mission is to promote Swedish energy innovations, in the effort to meet Sweden’s energy and climate goals and to help combat global climate change.

Our offer to businesses

Our offer can be summarised in three points: funding, knowledge and network.

  • We offer financial support for business development, customer validation, pilot- and demonstration projects, commercialisation, and internationalisation.
  • We know and understand the energy industry and the Swedish innovation system. We work with experts in different fields to evaluate energy innovations that lead to faster growth of new sustaintech companies.
  • The Agency's national and international network includes academia, trade associations, authorities, and other players within the innovation system, as well as other companies and investors.