Sustainable Battery Value Chain

The new research program "Sustainable Battery Value Chain," starting in 2024, focuses on new and existing battery technologies, resource-efficient manufacturing, recycling, and the system perspective of the battery value chain.

Through this program, the Swedish Energy Agency aims to ensure academic expertise to meet the increasing knowledge needs and growth opportunities in the field of batteries. The program will foster collaborations among stakeholders in the battery value chain and build attractive research environments that attracts and retain talents.

Focus areas

The program’s key focus areas include:

  • New battery materials and battery chemistries
  • Recycling and reuse
  • Safety issues
  • Methods and tools for modelling battery systems
  • Further development of existing battery materials and chemistries
  • Diagnostics and state of health
  • Control and use of batteries

Additionally, the program funds system analyses for various battery pathways, knowledge synthesis, feasibility studies, and policy analyses.

For a detailed description of the program’s focus areas, see the program description document (only in Swedish)

Purpose and goals

The program’s long-term objective is to contribute to competitiveness, supply security, and ecological and social sustainability through battery-related research and academic capacity building. The program operates on the premise that resource-efficient, energy-efficient, system-effective, and circular processes across different parts of the battery value chain enhance the competitive edge of Swedish actors, promote sustainable electrification of transportation, and support a resilient energy system.

The program aims to contribute to the following:

  • Development of new and improved cost-effective and resource-efficient battery concepts for storage and use in electrical systems, vehicles and vessels.
  • Establishment of world-leading knowledge and expertise among Swedish researchers and companies regarding:
    • Mature and emerging battery technologies for use in electrical systems, vehicles and vessels.
    • Sustainable and cost-effective recycling processes and methods.
  • Creation of close collaboration and an active network between academia and industry, fostering advanced battery research within Swedish companies and academic institutions.
  • Advancement of Nordic and European research cooperation related to the battery value chain.
  • Creation of relevant knowledge for policy development.

In the long term, the program is also expected to contribute to knowledge and competence within the business sector and public sector concerning the sustainable battery value chain.

Calls for proposals and program activities

The program runs from June 1, 2024, to December 31, 2029. The initial budget is set to 160 million SEK. The majority of the program’s budget will be allocated through open calls for proposals.

The first call opened in June 2024

Additional calls for proposals are planned for 2025 and 2026. Monitoring and evaluation will be based on the program’s objectives, criteria, and performance indicators. A comprehensive review will take place in 2027, with the possibility of extending the program extension.