RE:Source focuses on developing circular, resource-efficient material flows. The goal is to achieve a sustainable use of materials where we stay within the boundaries of the planet. The strategic innovation program RE:Source is part of Vinnova's, the Swedish Energy Agency and Forma's joint investment in strategic innovation areas.

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Research and innovation on sustainable material use

Innovations that are developed within the framework of RE:Source will contribute to sustainable material supply, sustainable energy systems and more efficient use of resources in society and business. RE:Source should be a natural meeting place where players in the innovation area can apply for funding for their projects.

Program objectives

RE:Source aims to contribute to international competitiveness and attractiveness for Swedish players with the vision Through innovation, Sweden is a pioneer in material use within the planet's borders.

The overall purpose of RE:Source is to, through collaboration in activities, force Sweden to accelerate innovation and develop solutions for circular material-efficient flows.

Program objectives for 2030:

  • RE:Source has contributed to renewal of the innovation area.
  • Innovative and scalable solutions have been developed and demonstrated.
  • Facts and knowledge have been supplied for sustainable material use.
  • There is competence that provides the innovation area and creates renewal and competitiveness.
  • Swedish research and innovation are world-class and collaborate internationally.
  • Commercialization and business development of solutions have been promoted.

Three themes

RE:Source works within three themes: Sustainable Offers, Sustainable Use and Sustainable Circulation System.

The theme of Sustainable Offerings contributes to the development of sustainable products and services. Sustainable here means that the product or service is designed in such a way that the use of primary materials is reduced.

The theme of Sustainable Use focuses on the use phase and various solutions to make it as material efficient as possible. Here is the opportunity to extend the life of a product through repair to different models for sharing.

The theme of Sustainable Circulation Systems focuses on the development of sustainable material and waste management processes. By focusing on improved recycling processes in the material wheel's materials, molecules and energy sectors, RE:Source wants to contribute to solutions that optimize the value of the materials.

With support from Vinnova,  Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, Strategic Innovation Programmes