The logotype of the Swedish Energy Agency can be used by others only after authorisation by the Agency's graphic profile manager.

The logotype consists of a symbol containing the stylised letter e with an energy wave, and the name (Swedish Energy Agency).

Size and free space

The logo can be reproduced in any size, but the minimum recommended size is 14 mm width in print, and 120 pixels digitally. The relative proportions between the symbol and the text may not be amended.

There should always be a free space around the logo that is at least an X-height of the capital letter E of the Swedish Energy Agency.

Download logotype

For digital use 

Logotype with transparent background in RGB and the file format .png.

Logotype Swedish Energy Agency in color

Logotype Swedish Energy Agency negative 

For print 

Logotype made for print in CMYK and the file format .eps.

Logotyp Swedish Energy Agency in color

Logotyp Swedish Energy Agency negative