Our strategic priorities in energy research and innovation

The Swedish Energy Agency has a comprehensive perspective on the energy transition in Sweden. Through research and innovation, we build the knowledge and expertise needed to develop solutions for a sustainable transition.

Strategic priorities in energy research and innovation 2025-2028

The Swedish Energy Agency has submitted a proposal for strategic priorities in energy research and innovation to the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise. In the report, we present prioritised efforts for research and innovation in the energy sector for the period of 2025–2028.

The report complements the basis for the government's research and innovation policy, which has been jointly submitted by the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, Forte, the Swedish National Space Agency, the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova.

Research and innovation are needed for a sustainable and secure society

Our role as a research funder

The Swedish Energy Agency is an emergency preparedness authority as well as a sectoral agency responsible for energy. Part of our mission is to strategically and cohesively finance research and innovation in close collaboration with other energy policy initiatives - both in Sweden and internationally, within the EU and globally.

The Agency has a comprehensive view and systems perspective for the energy sector where we design and develop our investments in research and innovation in a way that most effectively contributes to a sustainable energy transition.

How we work with our R&I-programs

Before the initiation or extension of a program, a strategic process is carried out based on evaluations, current scenarios, continuous environmental monitoring, and lessons learned from previous program periods. In cases where it is deemed relevant, the Agency involves a strategic council for various research programs. These councils consist of experts from academia and industry and are used as support in discussions regarding the program's strategic direction, project portfolio, and further development.

Our tools for research and innovation

The Swedish Energy Agency finances and supports research, innovation, business development, and the global dissemination of new solutions. This support aims to contribute to achieving national goals in energy and climate policy, business policy, and research policy.

The Agency also has a range of tools within the innovation system. We need all these tools to effectively accelerate the energy transition. Research and innovation efforts partly focus on technological development and new solutions. However, they also aim at system-oriented research to increase knowledge with a socio-economic perspective as well as integrating various aspects of societal development with the energy transition.