Fuel quality act

The Swedish Fuel quality act came into force 1 May 2011. This act transposes the Fuel Quality Directive in Sweden. It contains rules on which fuel qualities that may be put on the Swedish market, and includes reporting obligations for fuel suppliers on a number of issues. The Swedish Energy Agency is responsible for supervising compliance with the implementation of the Fuel Quality Directive's Article 7 a in Swedish legislation.

The Fuel quality ordinance assigns a supervisory role to the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Transport Agency, each responsible for different parts of the legislation. The Swedish Energy Agency is responsible for the greenhouse gas reduction target imposed on fuel suppliers which derives from the Fuel Quality Directive's (FQD) article 7a. Fuel suppliers that are taxable according to Chapter 5. Energy tax act (1994:1776) are obliged to fulfil the target and report their progress to the Swedish Energy Agency.

The Fuel Quality Directive has been transposed in Sweden through the fuel quality act and the fuel quality ordinance. 

The reporting is performed relative to a target of greenhouse gas emission reductions imposed by the fuel quality act. This reduction requirement is to reduce greenhouse gases by 6 % compared to emissions from fossil fuels in 2010.

The European Energy Agency has presented the results for all member states regarding fulfilment of the target where Finland and Sweden were the only member states to fulfill the target by 2020. Please fins the results in the external link to the right.