In Sweden, industry accounts for about a third of the total energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a large part of electricity and heat production. Moreover, the  industry accounts for a large part of export earnings and contributes to jobs and welfare in society. Industry plays a very important role in society's transition to a sustainable energy system and the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

The Swedish Energy Agency offers financial support for projects that have good potential to contribute to a resource-efficient and climate neutral industry. The support aims to contribute to Swedish industry being competitive in the long term and delivering resource-efficient and climate neutral products, processes and services to the global market. The aim is also to contribute to keeping Swedish expertise and technology at a high international level and achieving the global sustainability goals. 

Strategic areas:

  • Net zero emissions from industrial processes  
  • Energy and resource-efficient production processes  
  • Energy and climate-smart materials and products       
  • Sustainable business and market

A large part of the agency's financing activities is conducted through calls in various programmes.