Statistics of the Swedish energy balance is available in a web based tool. The tool makes it easy to collect the data you are interested in, and save to Excel, Word or PDF.

The official annual energy balance is the first of the agency´s publications to be published in this format. The intention is to publish statistics in a web tool to replace print publications.

Sweden´s energy supply and consumption during a year

The Swedish official energy balance provides an overall account of the country's energy supply and consumption in a year. The energy balance consists of a supply part and a consumption part. The supply part consists of all types of energy sources such as wind, hydro, crude oil, biofuel, which are supplied to meet Sweden's energy needs. Supply also includes energy imported to the country, such as natural gas. Energy consumption is divided into sectors of society where energy use occurred, such as industries, households and transport. The energy balance also contains data on losses arising from the production and distribution of, for example, electricity and district heating.

Swedish Energy Agency is responsible for energy statistics

The Swedish Energy Agency is the statistical authority for energy in Sweden, and is appointed by the government to collect statistics in the energy field.