Guarantees of origin

Guarantees of origin are electronic certificates that guarantee the origin of electricity. The purpose is to show the end customer how a given share of electricity has been produced.

The Guarantees of Origin (GOs) can be bought and sold in an open market that includes electricity producers, suppliers, and traders.

There are two types of GOs that are issued within the Swedish domain. National GOs that are tradable within Sweden, and international GOs (EECS-GOs) that are transferrable to other European domains that are members of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) and connected to the AIB data hub.

Association of Issuing Bodies

Producers of electricity receive one National GO or one EECS-GO for each produced MWh. The GO shows what kind of energy source the electricity derives from. GOs can be issued for any kind of electricity production. The electricity supplier buys the amount of GOs equivalent to the quantity of electricity they have sold.