Accelerating Electrification – A Digital Conference

Electrification of the transport sector is progressing across the Nordic countries. Cooperation can boost the efficiency and speed of this transition, paving the way for a future of integrated and connected road transport.

A digital conference on charging infrastructure in a Nordic context is planned for November 14, 2024. The conference aims to convey where the Nordic countries are transitioning to an electrified transport sector and share new perspectives and knowledge.

The Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration run the Accelerated Electrification of Road Transport project in Nordic countries. The project focuses on improving conditions for electrified road transport in rural areas and border regions and working towards a standard payment system for electric car charging in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic region can take global leadership in electrified road transport

The conference focuses on the Nordic countries' strategies and plans for expanding charging infrastructure. The areas that are in focus at the conference are:

  • Support for electrification in rural and border regions. How can we increase the understanding and opportunities for electrification outside Nordic cities, rural areas, islands, and border regions?
  • EV charging: simple, accessible, and resilient.

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Who is the conference aimed at?

We are broadly targeting stakeholders interested in the transition to electrified road transport. The conference is exciting for those who:

  • are interested in understanding developments at the Nordic level
  • want to be inspired to design both new research projects and business opportunities
  • desire to influence sustainable road transport development from a position in industry, academia, or the public sector.

More information closer to the event.