Letter of Approval (CDM)

The Swedish Energy Agency has been appointed Designated National Authority (DNA) for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Designated Focal Point (DFP) for Joint Implementation (JI).

Authorisation is made through the issuance of a Letter of Approval. An example of a Letter of Approval is found to the right.

An application for a Letter Approval shall include:

  • Completed form: Application for participation in CDM-project.
  • Project Design Document (PDD) adhering to the criteria in the Kyoto protocol and subsequent decisions there under, including relevant decisions by the CDM executive board.
  • Preliminary or final validation report by a designated operational entity accredited by the CDM Executive board.
  • A host country approval of the project including a guarantee that the project contribute to sustainable development.

Hydroelectric projects exceeding generating capacity of 20 MW:

  • Completed report template for assessing hydroelectric project activities exceeding 20 MW and a statement from a DOE accredited for issuing validation reports in the hydro power category by CDM Executive Board.

Update September 2012

We are currently receiving a large number of applications for Letters of Approval. We are also receiving queries on eligibility to apply, application fee and length of processing time. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions:

The Swedish Energy Agency only processes applications that have been solely submitted to the Swedish DNA. The reason for this is that we do not want to risk duplicating the work of another DNA.The applicant does not have to operate in Sweden to be eligible to apply for a Letter of Approval with us.There is no application fee.The processing time for a Letter of Approval is normally one month, but is due to the current situation longer. The processing time for applications concerning large hydro projects is often long.We prioritise complete applications, i.e. those that include all required documents when first submitted.We do not have an application form in English.

The application should be sent both as signed hard copies and electronically.

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