Letter of Approval (JI in Sweden)

The Swedish Energy Agency has been appointed Designated Focal Point (DFP) for Joint Implementation (JI) approving JI projects in Sweden.

Approval is made through the issuance of a Letter of Approval. An example of a Letter of Approval is found to the right.

An application for a Letter Approval shall include:

  • Completed form: Application for approval of JI-project in Sweden.
  • A Project Design Document (PDD) adhering to the criteria in the Kyoto protocol and subsequent decisions there under, including relevant decisions by the JI Supervising Committee.
  • A preliminary determination by an accredited operational entity according to provisions by the JISC.

The application should be sent both as signed hard copies and electronically.

Swedish Energy Agency


P.O. Box 310 SE-631 04 Eskilstuna