Nordic exchange of experience on custom infrastructure in cities

Nordic Road Association NVF and the project Sustainable Nordic cities with a focus on climate-smart mobility had a webinar on custom infrastructure in four cities.

Today more and more municipalities want to build denser cities and develop the urban space for more space efficient sustainable transport and transform the land along the motorways into housing areas. To be able to re-prioritize the city's space, municipalities often want to adapt the state infrastructure to the street environment, to have multifunctional design in urban areas more suitable for walking, biking and public transport.

The task of the state is to ensure accessible and functional transports, and the state and the municipalities need to collaborate to transform the transport infrastructure in the cities. Hence the work with custom infrastructure requires:

  • collaboration at an early stage between both the state and the municipalities
  • background material for the ability to make decisions
  • opportunities to meet both the state's objectives with a comprehensive transport accessibility and the municipalities' objectives to develop the city in an attractive way to meet the demand of the city's residents and have a sustainable mobility.