Virtual Meetings in the Nordic Countries – examples of good practice and promotion

The project DigiNord arranged a webinar on October 23, Virtual Meetings in the Nordic Countries – examples of good practice and promotion.

The Nordic countries are forerunners in using virtual meetings and digital collaboration. There are many nordic initiatives promoting virtual meetings and good practice at national, regional and local levels. What role can this type of collaboration play in reducing CO2 emissions in our countries? At this webinar, representatives from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, presented inspiring examples of how they use and promote virtual meetings in both the public and private sectors. The presentations were followed by a question session and panel debate.

The webinar was arranged within the Nordic Co-operation project DigiNord, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and administered by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration. The project aims to collect experiences on climate-smart and transport-efficient mobility, with a special focus on preventing the need for transport through digital collaboration, from the Nordic countries.

Some experiences and recommendations from the virtual meeting about DigiNord:

  • Virtual meetings offer cost-efficient and climate-smart tools to reduce the negative impact from transportation.
  • To succeed with a good digital collaboration, you need to focus as much on the user's perspective as on the technical issues.
  • Success factors include informing, educating and training users to be proficient in managing good virtual meetings.
  • Top management commitment and good practice is essential in the development of an organisation's meeting culture.