The Swedish Energy Agency publish a number of publications including facts and figures on a yearly basis.

Energy in Sweden is a report and collection of statistics published by the Swedish Energy Agency. The aim is to provide an overall picture of the final use and total supply of energy, energy prices, energy markets and fuel markets, as well as current energy and climate policy. Order or download:

Energy in Sweden 2015

Energy in Sweden - Facts and figures (Excel) 2015

Energy in Sweden – Facts and figures (Excel) 2014

Energy in Sweden 2013

The Swedish-Norwegian electricity certificate market Annual report 2012

This is the first joint annual report by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Norwegian water resources and energy directorate (NVE) about the Swedish-Norwegian electricity certificate market. With this report, we wish to present a picture of the most important events and key figures for the electricity certificate market during 2012.

What is a statistical authority?

The Swedish Energy Agency is the statistical authority responsible for all official statistics on energy in Sweden. An important part of this responsibility is to ensure that statistics are collected, processed and kept up to date in a manner best suited to users' needs.