A Challenge from Sweden

A Challenge from Sweden is a program aimed at accelerating transformative system change in society, in relation to energy and climate goals.

Each project is designed and conducted with the main objective to help organizations and stakeholders within society to commercialize innovative solutions and business models. The projects are based on scenarios of a future society, gathering customers, both public and private organizations, who share the goals and actively want to contribute to the goals within the described scenario. Together we define functional criteria in regard to the participating organizations as well as the future society goals, communicating these criteria in international innovation challenges and conduct demonstration together with the winners.

We learn together

The methodology is based on an open and transparent process, gathering an ecosystem of organizations and other stakeholders, needed to support and facilitate the desired change in society. We learn together, share information and knowledge to support the transformation as well as bundle enough need owners to scale new solutions.

The process is based on pre-commercial procurement and is suitable for both public and private companies.

Companies compete in International Innovation Contests

A Challenge from Sweden uses International Innovation Contests to allow companies to compete for the best solutions in relation to addressed societal needs. Using international competitions also creates the conditions for participating companies to attract expertise and collaborations from an international arena.  

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