Sustainable Mobility as a Service

The Swedish Energy Agency has been given the important task of identifying solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that Sweden’s transport sector is fossil-free no later than 2045. In order to develop new sustainable solutions and business models, we manage the national project Sustainable Mobility as a Service.

Sustainable mobility deals with the looming imperative of transitioning to new means of transportation in order to achieve our climate goals. Sustainable Mobility as a Service deals with combining various means of transportation to create one seamless service that delivers travellers door to door, irrespective of the journey plan selected.

The key to delivering this service lies in combining fossil-free alternatives from a range of transport providers, thereby creating a holistic service that facilitates quick and convenient travel. Before us we see an improved travel experience that reduces the need for car ownership. The purpose of A Challenge from Sweden is to achieve stated climate goals and it is therefore important to work on a global scale. This is why we have created a network of progressive, innovative companies, organisations and municipalities within the framework of the Sustainable Mobility as a Service project. Together, they have prepared a needs analysis as the basis for an international innovation competition to be held between October 2018 and March 2019. Three winners will share a prize of SEK 1.5 million and will also be introduced to potential private and public-sector buyers on the Swedish market. It is hoped that the winning entry will be ready for testing during 2019 and that, after the test period, it will be implemented and contribute to a more sustainable future.


The network within the Sustainable Mobility Challenge consists of some 40 proactive corporations, property owners, municipalities and other private and public-sector buyers, as well as transport providers, all of whom see the gains to be made in a broad implementation of sustainable mobility solutions. They stand ready to test and invest in efficient, implementable and scalable solutions that take us one step closer to a sustainable future.

The Swedish Energy Agency welcomes new members to the network. Membership is free of charge and offers:

  • Network meetings for an exchange of knowledge between members.
  • Access to global expertise. Long-term cooperation in innovation environments.
  • Practical training in innovation procurement as a process.
  • Support in achieving stated climate goals within sustainable transport.