Are you a large corporation, venture capitalist, business angel or philanthropist, in Sweden or elsewhere, or a national or international body looking to invest in sustainable energy and climate solutions?

Learn more about ongoing projects and become a member of the network below.

As an investor, the A Challenge from Sweden network offers you:

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Access to an international network of prominent agents of change who are driving the development of sustainable energy systems and sustainable mobility solutions.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Shared knowledge and an exchange of experiences regarding new solutions in the fields of energy, mobility and urban planning and how these can be implemented and procured effectively, reducing risk and saving time and money.
  • EVENTS: The opportunity to participate at events based on the needs of members and selected challenges, and to receive information and invitations to international events in relevant fields.
  • PROJECTS: The opportunity to participate in projects and initiatives to develop tomorrow’s transport and energy solutions.