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The junction box for increased energy efficiency when combining new and old systems.


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The product:

Efficax Energy has developed Solarflex, which is a junction box that connects additional power sources to existing power storage systems. This is particularly interesting when coupling solar thermal panels to water heaters in single-family homes. The benefits are reduced investment costs and increased energy efficiency. The system is one of the most profitable solar energy alternatives on the market.

The challenge

The market for solar energy is expanding. Still, high investment costs pose a barrier to faster adoption. By lowering the investment cost for homeowners, solar energy installation rates can increase. The Solarflex junction box has been tested for over two years in multiple pilot installations. Currently, the company is seeking to partner up with heating equipment manufacturers to commercialize and scale the technology.

The market

The European market is estimated at 50 million households and in the US at 68 million households. The target market is single-family homes with existing hot water storage heaters. The Solarflex solution conveniently connects the boiler directly to the solar thermal panels. The business model is based on partnerships with established heating companies with existing sales and distribution channels, preferably on a licensing basis.

The essentials:

Year started: 2011

Employees at startup: 3

Mission: Increase adoption rate of solar energy

Customer benefits: Decreased investment costs, increased energy efficiency

Number of employees in 2015: 3

Main Office: Lund

Examples of customers: Potential customers are heating equipment manufacturers like Viessmann or Bosch and/or solar thermal equipment providers.

Market: Global

Net sales in 2015 (thousand):


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