39 projects want support from SEK 7 billion

The government has allocated a total of SEK 875 million over the next three years for demonstration and commercialisation of new energy technologies.

The Swedish Energy Agency has, as a result of this, called for the identification of interest on a national basis for demonstration facilities in the first instance for second generation bio fuels and in the second instance for a demonstration and commercialisation of other energy technologies which are of great national importance and which have high export potential, for example technologies for vehicles and electricity production.

When the final day of application passed, there were a total of 39 projects applying for support amounting to approximately SEK 7 billion. The background is that Sweden is well placed to be among the countries that lead the development towards more efficient energy use and an increased element of renewable energy sources in the traffic sector. Many promising development ideas have now come to the stage where the technology needs to be scaled up to industrial levels. Such projects require considerable economic resources.