A major step towards the commercialisation of new energy technology

The Swedish Energy Agency has authorised SEK 812 million in support for three demonstration facilities. The support will be provided as long as the outcome of the EU commission's state support enquiry is positive.

The three projects that have been presented to the Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communication for further consideration with the EU commission are:

Chemrec AB. The project aims to extract biofuels from black liquor at a facility in Domsjö, Örnsköldsvik. Authorised support: a maximum of SEK 500 million.Göteborg Energi AB. The project aims to build and run a facility for the transformation of low-quality forestry materials to produce high-quality biofuels – biomethane. Authorised support: a maximum of SEK 222 million.Södra Cell AB. The project aims to provide a full-scale demonstration of the LignoBoost concept integrated with the factory in Mörrum. Authorised support: a maximum of SEK 90 million.

The projects are not allowed to start until the EU commission's state support enquiry has been completed.

- These three projects will provide the industry in Sweden with the opportunity to compete in areas which are of importance to EU's energy political objectives, says Director General Tomas Kåberger.

The decision has already been taken by the Energy R & D Board in the context of the call for second-generation biofuels and other energy technologies which the Swedish Energy Agency introduced at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009.

The call applies primarily for demonstration facilities for second-generation biofuel, and secondarily for the demonstration and commercialisation of other energy technologies of major national significance and which have a considerable export potential, for example technologies relating to vehicle and electricity production.