Windpower research at Chalmers granted SEK 33 million in support

Globally, windpower is a large market that is growing rapidly and contains possibilities for economic growth and new job opportunities for Sweden.

The Swedish Energy Agency has granted support of SEK 33 million to the Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre at Chalmers University of Technology, a contribution that helps enhance the competency of Swedish windpower. The emphasis of the research at the Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre will concern develping designs for windpower plants that optimise their production and maintenance costs. The objective is to accumulate knowledge about components and systems so as to enable development and production of subsystems as well as complete windpower plants in Sweden.

"This is a good way of supporting research and indirect training for the benefit of Swedish suppliers to the rapidly growing global windpower industry. Strong competence in windpower in the country also provides preconditions for new companies with the capacity to deliver entire windpower systems from Sweden," says Director General Tomas Kåberger.

The purpose of the activity conducted by the Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre is to support Swedish industry with expertise on design techniques if the field of windpower. The support is being provided for operation of the project during a time period that will extend to 31 December 2013.

"Energy is one of Chalmers' strongest areas. By integrating education, research and innovation we are contributing to competency, new knowledge and the retooling of present-day industries. The efforts now being established in windpower technology will become a vigorous focal point for Sweden and we are quite pleased with them," says Chalmers' President, Karin Markides.

The total investment in the Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre is SEK 100 million. In addition to the Swedish Energy Agency, Chalmers University of Technology will contribute SEK 33.3 million, with the final SEK 33.3 million to be financed by the business community.

The Swedish Energy Agency's decision was made on the basis of the Ordinance (2008:761) on state aid to research and development in the energy sector.