Competence Centre at Chalmers receives SEK 28 million in support

The Swedish Energy Agency has granted financial support corresponding to SEK 28 million to the Competence Centre for High Temperature Corrosion, HTC, at Chalmers University of Technology.

The purpose of the Competence Centre for High Temperature Corrosion, HTC, is to provide a scientific basis for the development of new materials and processes for more efficient energy conversion techniques. Within HTC, fundamental research is being conducted in order to understand how corrosion arises and precisely which factors affect corrosion.

"The research at HTC maintains a high international standard and the research group is one of the international leaders within the area of high temperature corrosion. The research is essential for increasing the competitiveness of important export companies in Sweden," says the Department Head for the Energy Technology Department at the Swedish Energy Agency, Birgitta Palmberger.

Applications for HTC's research are found in the technology areas that contribute to achieving a number of the Swedish Energy Agency's goals by creating the preconditions for rationalisations within for example:

  • Electricity production in combined power and heating plants burning biomass and refuse
  • Gasification of biomass and refuse
  • Small-scale combustion of biomass
  • Gas turbines
  • Solid oxide fuel cells

"At HTC, we are very happy about the Swedish Energy Agency's decision that involves us being able to pose new and even more ambitious goals for our research. HTC's research aims both at scientific excellence and industrial relevance and builds on close co-operation between the university and member companies," says Lars-Gunnar Johansson, Manager of the HTC Competence Centre.