SEK 62 million for technology purchases of electrical vehicles

The Swedish Energy Agency has taken a decision to grant support of SEK 62 million to the City of Stockholm, which in co-operation with Vattenfall AB will perform Sweden's largest technology procurement of electrical vehicles.

The technology procurement of electrical vehicles is intended to initiate the Swedish market for electrical vehicles and in so doing to contribute to the reconfiguration of the Swedish energy system. The SEK 62 million that is being granted will be used to lower the additional costs by 25 percent of the purchase entailing a total of 1,050 electrical vehicles.

"With this effort, we hope that we will be able to accelerate the trend away from oil dependency and greenhouse gas emissions regarding roadway traffic in the cities," says Tomas Kåberger, Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency.

A so-called prefleet of 50 vehicles will begin to be procured already this year on the basis of specifications that are being formulated in co-operation with Vattenfall AB and the city of Stockholm. The support from the Swedish Energy Agency is intended to serve as support for purchasing the first 1000 vehicles. The full level of ambition for the primary purchases in the procurement project involves a total of 6,000 electrical vehicles.

"It is nice that Swedish and international vehicle suppliers are expected to be able to deliver vehicles on the large scale involved here," says Tomas Kåberger.

More on the technology procurement of electrical vehicles

The technology procurement involves approx. 1050 electrically powered vehicles being placed into operation in Sweden by the end of 2012. The vehicles will be able to be evaluated technically as well as in terms of driver impressions, demands for charging infrastructure, etc. This will provide valuable information on the preconditions and impediments to the future electrification of vehicles. The evaluation of the vehicles will be conducted in co-operation with Test Site Sweden, Elforsk AB and the Swedish Energy Agency. For Swedish industry, there are many possibilities for growth within the area of electrical vehicles. The international competitiveness of Swedish industry is strongest within the corporate cultures outside the automotive industry, particularly as regards to power distribution, control systems, automation and communications technology. These industries can benefit from, among other things, the improved knowledgebase that will be built up through the project if Sweden becomes one of the first countries with electrical vehicles in its fleet.

About technology procurement

Technology procurement is not a general support for purchasing energy-consuming products, but rather is a clearly formulated process where the customers jointly establish a requirement specification concerning products that are to be purchased.A technology procurement is a control mechanism for initiating a market transformation and for disseminating new and efficient technology (new products, systems or processes). It is however not sufficient just to produce new technology. The development must be followed by a number of different measures for disseminating and use of the new products, systems or processes. It also requires good knowledge of the market as well as good contacts within it from those who are conducting the technology procurement.

The Swedish Energy Agency has previously, among other things, supported technology procurements for energy efficient windows and refrigerators.