Sweden's first filling location for BioDME inaugurated

The first filling station for BioDME has been inaugurated and is part of a joint field test by Volvo Trucks, Chemrec AB and Preem. The project has received support of approx. SEK 300 million during its different development phases from the Swedish Energy Agency.

The field test will last for a two-year period and demonstrate the possibilities for a large-scale effort involving DME produced from biomass. The project comprises the entire process from biomass to fuel. Three more filling stations will be opened in Gothenburg, Jönköping and Piteå.

"The producers and distributors of DME, the vehicle manufacturers and the users of the vehicles have proved that BioDME can function as fuel for vehicles in reality. This is more important than all the theoretical descriptions," says Tomas Kåberger, Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency.

The inauguration of the filling station took place in connection with the international DME conference, IDA4, where a good 200 participants from some 20 countries had assembled in Stockholm in September 2010,in order to discuss developments involving DME.

About the BioDME project

DME, Di-Metyl-Ether, can be produced of black lye, a byproduct from paper pulp production, being gasified. DME gives very low emissions and is used in adapted diesel engines with high efficiency that is now under development at Volvo. A total of ten trucks will be included in the field test. The BioDME used in the field test will be produced at Chemrec's BioDME pilot plant at Piteå. The project, BioDME, has also received an EU grant within the so-called Seventh Framework Programme.