The Swedish Energy Agency grants SEK 940,000 for the GoalArt smart grid project

The cleantech company GoalArt is conducting the project in order to create the preconditions for a product that handles alarms within the power industry's smart electricity grids, so-called smart grids. The company today has a solution for the conventional power grid's management of alarms and now wishes to adapt it to the electricity grid of the future.

"The renewable energy sources of the future in the energy system pose increasing requirements on the electrical grid," says Mikael Fjällström, Manager of the Swedish Energy Agency's Department of Business Development and Commercialisation.

"The Swedish Energy Agency has decided, among other things, to give priority to the development of intelligent electrical grids with increased system reliability. The GoalArt smart grids project will produce an advanced alarm system that can sort out the fault sources in these grids," continues Mikael Fjällström.

The project, which is now receiving support from the Swedish Energy Agency in the form of a conditional loan, will develop an integrated tool so that monitoring, alarm management and troubleshooting can occur in one system consisting of both the electrical grid and the communications network. The technology will handle being scaled up to a very large system with a large quantity of signals. The company of GoalArt is located in Lund with Jan Eric Larsson as its Managing Director.