The Swedish Energy Agency is leading the European Energy Network

During the year 2010, the Swedish Energy Agency will hold the chairmanship of the networking body for Europe's national energy authorities, the European Energy Network. The goal is for the network to become a still more capable and inspiring partner for dialogues with the EU.

At the annual meeting in Madrid, the Swedish Energy Agency's Director General Tomas Kåberger took over the chairman's gavel for the EnR, the European Energy Network.

"As the EU is no increasingly controlling the goals of energy policy, it is important to have exchanges of experience directly between the authorities of the member states," says Josephine Bahr Ljungdell Head of the Energy Agency's International Secretariat.

As an organisation, the EnR has a good 20 member authorities and works with renewable energy and energy efficiency. In addition to internal exchanges of experience, the organisation is also a channel for feedback to the EU's institutions as regards the experiences of the member states.

"Our vision is for the EnR to become the most inspiring partner for dialogues with the EU's decision-makers," says Bahr Ljungdell.

In the European arena, there are a number of subjects for energy policy that will be promoted during the Swedish chairmanship.

"I would like the EnR to contribute to European competitiveness by disseminating knowledge about the profitability of industrial energy rationalisation. I would also like to see the EnR contribute to more profitable bio, wind and solar energy by us learning utilise the rules on co-operation in the EU Directive on Renewable Energy," says Tomas Kåberger in his manifesto for the chairmanship.