Sweden close to achieving the renewable energy goal in the transport sector

There was a significant increase in the share of renewable energy within the transport sector last year, and at present the preliminary figure for 2011 is 9.8 per cent. At the same time, the total energy use in the sector decreased.

During 2011, there was a decrease in the use of energy for transportation purposes compared with 2010, despite a continued strong economy.

"This is probably because the private car fleet is becoming increasingly efficient. Since 2005, the average energy use for new cars has decreased by 28 per cent, which is now beginning to be reflected in the statistics," says Helen Lindblom, Analyst at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Sweden already close to achieving the EU goal

The proportion of renewable energy in the transport sector has increased dramatically during 2011 compared with previous years.

"All biofuels have increased during the year, with the biggest increase attributable to biogas and biodiesel," says Helen Lindblom.

According to the Energy Agency's preliminary calculations, the proportion of renewable energy in the transport sector amounts to 9.8 per cent for 2011, compared with 7.9 per cent in 2010. The goal according to the EU's renewable energy directive for the transport sector is set at 10 per cent renewable energy by 2020, which means that Sweden is already well on the way towards achieving the goal.

More diesel and less petrol

"Another clearly noticeable trend in the statistics is that the use of petrol is constantly decreasing, while the use of diesel is increasing at a rapid rate. The explanation is a growing number of diesel-powered vehicles in the private car fleet combined with a reduction in the number petrol-driven cars," says Helen Lindblom.

In total, the use of petrol in the transport sector decreased by 7 per cent, and diesel consumption increased by 4 per cent during 2011 compared with previous years.

About the statistics

The statistics have been taken from the Swedish Energy Agency's publication "Transport Sector Energy Use", which was published for the first time in 2008. The publication is divided into two chapters – one that reports the official energy statistics for the transport sector and the other that presents a subdivision of the energy usage into passenger and goods traffic for each mode of transport. It is important to note that the subdivision into passenger and goods traffic is not part of the official energy statistics.