Swedish wind power reaches 7 TWh

There has been a continued increase in Swedish wind power production. Recently, over 7 TWh of renewable energy was generated over a 12-month period. This means that it would now be possible to supply all households in the County of Stockholm with electricity from wind power energy. The text has been adjusted somewhat.

Electricity production from wind power has passed the 7 TWh mark during the past 12-month period. This means an increase of 33 per cent compared with the corresponding period 2010-2011.

It also means that some 2,100 wind power plants are now generating the amount of electricity that is needed to supply all the single- and two dwelling houses and multi-dwelling buildings in the entire County of Stockholm.

"It is gratifying to note that electricity production from wind power is nevertheless increasing despite the fact that concern was expressed within the sector last summer due to the low prices of electricity and electricity certificates," says Camilla Rosenberg, Head of Wind Power Unit at the Swedish Energy Agency.


One reason why wind power has increased during recent years is the electricity certificate system, which is a market-based support system tasked with increasing the production of renewable electricity in a cost-effective way.

Parliament has adopted a planning framework which means that by 2020, the necessary planning structure will be in place to construct wind power facilities for an annual electricity production of 30 TWh, of which 20 TWh will be onshore and 10 TWh offshore.


Information to the effect that Swedish wind power has passed the 7 TWh mark over a period of 12 months has been taken from Svensk Energi, Kraftläget i Sverige (Swedish Energy, the Power Situation in Sweden), Week 38.

Statistics on households in the County of Stockholm have been taken from the report entitled El-gas och fjärrvärmeförsörjningen 2010 (Electricity, Gas and District Heating Supply, 2010).