Final statistics for energy used in industry, 2011

During 2011, there was a decrease in the energy used in a number of sectors, above all within Sweden's most energy intensive industry – the pulp and paper sector. The total decrease in energy consumption within the sector was 2 per cent as opposed to the 10 per cent decrease in 2010 following the recession.

Today, the Swedish Energy Agency is publishing the final statistics for the energy used by industry in 2011, which confirms the figures that were published previously. The figures indicate the predominant energy bearers within industry and how much energy the different sectors use.

The total energy use within industry was 169,361 GWh during 2011. This is a decrease of 2 per cent compared with the previous year. In terms of percentage, the largest decrease was recorded in the use of fuel oils and district heating, at the same time as there was a significant increase in the use of natural gas in 2011.

"The changes in the economy during recent years have had an impact on the use of energy within industry in that they have affected the energy-intensive sectors such as pulp, paper and steel to a greater extent than in the past," says Annika Pers Gustafsson, Analyst at the Swedish Energy Agency.

In 2011, there was a decrease in energy consumption within the pulp and paper sector, forestry, chemicals and the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, the use of energy in mining and the metals industry continued to increase. In 2011, energy use in these two sectors increased by 3 and 5 per cent respectively.

A large proportion of the energy is used in two sectors

Energy consumption within industry in Sweden is dominated by a limited number of sectors. The pulp and paper industry is the sector that uses by far the most energy. They account for 45 per cent of the energy used within industry, and the steel industry – which is another energy-intensive sector – accounts for 18 per cent. Together, these sectors are responsible for just under two-thirds of the total energy use within industry during 2011.

Biofuel and electricity are the predominant energy bearers within industry and accounted for 31 and 32 per cent respectively of the total amount of energy used within industry. The use of electricity increased while at the same time the use of biofuels decreased somewhat in 2011.

About the survey

The Swedish Energy Agency is responsible for the country's official energy statistics. Each month, Statistics Sweden (SCB) produces electricity statistics on behalf of the Agency. The statistics are an annual survey and in this context present the final results. The survey includes industrial workplaces with more than 10 employees. The energy use is divided into different sectors (SNI 05-33) and different energy bearers.