Nordic enterprises to join forces at EVS28 in Korea

With the support of Innovation Centre Denmark at the Danish Embassy in Seoul, Swedish Energy Agency, Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, and Nordic Energy Research, fourteen enterprises from Denmark, Finland and Sweden are joining forces to present their e-mobility solutions at the 28th Electric Vehicle Symposium in Seoul in the beginning of May.

Electric mobility with its many technological and environmental benefits has
proved to be a growing source of business. Globally operating automotive
companies are coming to market with new electric models, while related products
and services are being developed all over the world.

With its strong
high-tech competence, South Korea has become the leading country in many
industry sectors in Asia. For companies looking for growth in Asia, Korea is an
obvious hub of business. Similarly, the Nordic countries are globally known for
their high level of technological skills and education, ability to create ground
breaking solutions within new technology areas and apply them

The participating companies' expertise ranges from heavy
machinery and their components through lighter vehicles to batteries, charging
and research services. Customers and business partners are sought for instance
in heavy duty vehicles, automotive, ICT and energy sectors and research in Asia
and globally.

The long Nordic tradition in sustainable development,
based on a highly educated population, access to renewable energy and demanding
natural conditions, offers unique possibilities for cooperation in designing and
piloting of new kinds of business solutions – also in the field of electric

Nordic electric mobility experts are available at EVS Exhibition booth A-294.