Energy Indicators in figures 2016 - Follow-up of Sweden´s energy policy goals

Energy Indicators in figures 2016 can now be downloaded from the Swedish Energy Agency's website. This makes interesting energy indicators available to everyone, and some data is available in series as far back as 1983.

Energy Indicators is an annual report in which Sweden's energy policy objectives are followed up. This report is not available in English but the related numerical data is, Energy Indicators in figures 2016.

Energy Indicators in figures is produced in Excel and shows indicators on 25 areas of the energy system. You can for example find information about the share of energy from renewable sources used in the transport sector and the share of total end use as well as the share of fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) used in different sectors. Moreover, there is information on energy costs in different sectors, energy intensity and equality in energy companies.

In some cases data goes back to 1983, which makes it possible to follow the development of energy policy goals in different areas and sectors.