Human, Energy Systems and Society – First call

The Swedish Energy Agency announces grant funding of SEK 60 million within the framework of the five-year research program Humans, energy systems, and society (MESAM) 2017-2022.

The program is directed to knowledge and expertise where knowledge and skills about the complex relationships and contradictions in the handling of energy and climate issues are the focus. The purpose of this call is to produce knowledge that can lead to change and that address energy and societal challenges associated with transition to sustainable energy systems.

The research program Human, Energy Systems and Society (MESAM) is one of the Swedish Energy Agency´s initiatives in social sciences, humanities and interdisciplinary research.

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MESAM addresses questions about the energy issues', relations with people and institutions such as politics, laws, regulations and markets. Although these parts can counteract each other, they must interact and act in the same direction to create sustainable energy systems. MESAM takes a wide perspective and includes, for example, issues of gender equality and justice that are important aspects of sustainable energy systems. The program also emphasises collaboration and communication of the research carried out.

Call deadline: 14th of February 2018.

How to apply

The application must be submitted via the Swedish Energy Agency's electronic application tool E-channel. Remember to obtain user access in E-channel in good time, since it may take a few days.

What the application must contain

The application must be written so that those not fully conversant with the subject have the possibility to understand what the project concerns. Applications that may get funding in this call must contain:

  • A summary in Swedish and in English.
  • A background description of the project containing an overview of the research field including references.
  • A description of the project's societal and energy relevance.
  • A purpose and clear interim and final goals. Aim and goals must be formulated in such a way that they can be met during the time the project is in progress.
  • Project description including project design, theory, methods, performance and implementation. Include a brief description of relevant collaborations with national and international researchers and community stakeholders, as well as how gender and diversity aspects are integrated in the project.
  • A budget.
  • A plan for focused communications efforts and interaction with stakeholders, and a plan for the reference group for the project and how it will be used in the project. This may mean that the results influence, change or have importance for different levels and groups in society.
  • CVs.

The full application needs to be signed electronically in E-channel by you as applicant before the call deadline.