Innovation competition winners are changing everyday travel

We're proud to announce three winners in the global innovation competition Sustainable Mobility Challenge. The aim of the competition has been to find sustainable services for everyday travel that are attractive enough to reduce the need to own a private car. The winners, from three different countries, all represent solutions that can contribute to advance development in Sweden.

Sustainable Mobility Challenge is organised by the Swedish Energy Agency and is one of several initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions and helping to bring about a fossil-free transport sector at the latest by 2045.

– We are very pleased with the interest that Sustainable Mobility Challenge has raised, and the breadth of solutions involved', says Sandra Alfheim, Project Manager, Sustainable Transport at the Swedish Energy Agency.

The three winners are Iomob Technologies OU from Spain, ÅF Infrastructure AB together with Benify from Sweden, and Kyyti Group Oy from Finland. Entries were received from 15 different countries.

Iomob Technologies provide an open-source platform where cities can connect systems and provide a unified service to travellers. ÅF Infrastructure's solution is based on collaboration with Benify and helps employers motivate their employees to use sustainable travel both at work and privately. The third winner, Kyyti Group, targets commuters and employers with a solution that connects sustainable travel options such as carpools, bicycle and car sharing, and public transport.

– In these winners we have found three solutions that reduce the need to own a private car, decrease congestion, and contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. We hope that they will gain a stronghold in Sweden and contribute to a fossil-free transport sector', says Peter Engdahl, Head of the Sustainable Transport Unit at the Swedish Energy Agency.