Strong delivery of Swedish energy innovations at Startup Energy Transition

The results of what companies have registered for Start Up Energy Transition (SET 100) are here. It speaks its clear language; Swedish energy innovations are at the forefront and is a force to be reckoned with. Sweden has 24 companies registered and has by far the highest number of applications per capita compared to the other countries.

When the application closed late January 2019, 24 Swedish companies with energy innovations had signed up for the competition. A significant increase from 2018 where only 3 Swedish companies with energy innovations participated.

At the top of the list, we find 4 countries that can showcase the most amount submitted applications:

  • Germany 53 start-ups
  • USA 26 start-ups
  • Canada 25 start-ups
  • Sweden 24 start-ups

– I was delighted to see the diversity and ingenuity of energy entrepreneurship in the Start-up Energy Transition applications this year from Sweden. Sweden was the country with the most significant rise in applications from last year’s competition, moving up to 4th place in 2019, whilst maintaining a very high quality of submissions, says Jonathan Oxley, Senior Director, World Energy Council.

Sweden is doing well in relation to other countries. Looking at Sweden’s size in comparison with the other countries, Sweden has by far the largest amount of applications per capita.

In total, approximately 450 applications from 80 countries have been submitted.The Swedish companies are found within the following competition categories:

  • Low-Carbon Energy Production: 7 out of 135
  • Energy Efficiency, Smart Devices & Storage: 9 out of 98
  • Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security: 4 out of 75
  • Special Prize: Quality Access & SDG7: 1out of 80
  • Innovative Mobility: 3 out of 57         

–This is an acknowledgment of Sweden's innovative power and strong entrepreneurship. We are a small country with many interesting energy innovations and we have more to deliver. The collaboration with Dena and The Council is strategically important for us, together with other countries, to gather energy to get the energy innovations in the international market faster, says Sasan Shaba, portfolio developer at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Strategic cooperation

The Swedish Energy Agency is constantly working to find new opportunities to help Swedish innovation companies with energy solutions out on the market both in Sweden and internationally. By entering into cooperation with Dena, the German energy authority and the World Energy Council, it gives access to a network of international business leaders and investors that the Swedish companies can benefit from. This is also a strategic collaboration to lift Sweden as one of the leading countries in innovative energy solutions.

Start Up Energy Transition

Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is an international platform that supports transformative innovations that accelerate and enable the transition to a sustainable energy system. It consists of the annual SET Award and the SET Tech Festival. The SET platform is run by the German Energy Agency (Dena) together with the interest organization World Energy Council.