New partnership will establish international cooperation for higher climate ambition

The Swedish Energy Agency and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) has signed a cooperation agreement to launch a 3-year partnership with the aim to create international climate cooperation between Sweden and some of GGGI’s partner countries. This type of cooperation can enable the increased climate ambitions that are needed to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Negotiations are currently underway at the international climate summit COP 25 in Madrid to find agreement on the rulebook for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Article 6 is the part of the Paris Agreement that enables countries to reduce emissions outside of their own borders. The Swedish Energy Agency hopes that the participants at the summit will agree on a rule book that will enable international trade of emissions reductions that avoid double counting and promote sustainable development.

The partnership between the Swedish Energy Agency and GGGI focuses on creating the necessary conditions to move towards implementation of climate measures that create concrete and verifiable greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The measures will be jointly identified by the Swedish Energy Agency and the GGGI and subsequently developed against the emerging rulebook of Article 6.

Read more about the partnership in GGGI’s press release.