23 Swedish cities take the lead in the climate transition

Finally, it is clear which 23 cities, together with Viable Cities and four authorities, are rallying for climate-neutral and sustainable cities.

In addition to the previous 9 cities, we are getting the reinforcement of another 14 cities. These cities together have 40 procent of Sweden's population.

"This is a huge leap forward for the climate transition in Sweden," says Olga Kordas, Program Manager Viable Cities.

On October 1, the second phase of Viable Cities' climate neutral cities initiative will start in 2030. Then 23 Swedish cities will work together to jointly find solutions to the societal challenges of global warming.

"The transformation work we do together within Viable Cities is incredibly important, and gives ripples both here in Sweden and in the EU. Therefore, it is very gratifying to be able to welcome another 14 cities that, together with the previous nine, pave the way for the sustainable cities of the future," says Robert Andrén, Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency.

The initiative is Sweden's largest to date on the climate transition in cities, with a total budget of over SEK 200 million. Olga Kordas, Program Manager Viable Cities, stresses that the upshift means a lot to the work ahead.

"Many of these cities have already come an impressively long way in the climate transition. Now we need to find new ways of working so that the solutions that exist can be translated quickly and by more people. We don't have time to talk anymore – now we have to do, do, do," she says.

Umeå Municipality is one of the nine cities that have been involved in the initiative since its inception in 2019. Hans Lindberg, Chairman of the Municipal Board (S) in Umeå:

"It feels fantastic that we are now many more driving the urban climate transition in Sweden. It not only gives even more impetus to our joint work for change. This also means more cities to learn from and share our experiences with," says Hans Lindberg.

To keep pace, all cities will be invited to a co-creation process during the autumn. Among other things, they will participate in the process for the work on viable cities climate contract 2030 – a unique tool that concreteizes what cities and authorities undertake and implement to accelerate the climate transition.

As early as December 8, on European Viable Cities Day, all cities will sign either a revised Climate Agreement 2030, or – for wave 2 cities – a letter of intent in preparation for signing the contract next year.



With support from Vinnova, Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, Strategic innovation programmes