Webinar on Mitigation Activity Design under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

The Swedish Energy Agency is hosting a webinar on the development process and lessons learned for five Mitigation Activity Design Documents (MADDs).

The Paris Agreement marks a milestone in the development of the architecture of international cooperation on mitigating climate change. Sweden seeks to contribute to the development of international collaboration under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement through analysis and development of methods as well as implementing real Article 6 collaborations.

The Swedish Energy Agency (SEA) requested in an open call in November 2020 suggestions for mitigation activities suitable for generating emission reductions units eligible for compliance under the Paris Agreement with the aim to produce MADDs and related documentation presenting full-scale implementable Article 6 collaborations. From the proposals received, five MADDs were developed in cooperation with five different countries: Ghana, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Argentina and South Africa.

This webinar will showcase the result of each activity design and lessons learned with a focus on the following areas:

  • Selection and application of methodologies to quantify, monitor and verify emission reductions of the mitigation activity
  • Technical and economic feasibility
  • Sustainable development implementation plan
  • Host Country NDC consideration
  • Overall challenges and lessons learned


The webinar will be held in two separate virtual sessions through Teams on the 19th and 20th of October.


The main purpose of this webinar is to share the results and lessons learned of the MADD development process in an easily accessible format as well as provide opportunity to ask questions.

Target group

This webinar targets the larger international community interested in Article 6 development as well as project developers interested in developing Article 6 activities.


The final MADDs will be sent out by email to webinar participants. Summaries of the MADDs are available here

How to sign up

To sign up for the event, please fill in the form available here. 

Tentative Agenda Session 1, 19th of October

Time (09:00-11:15 CEST) Content
10 min Welcoming Remarks
20 min Sweden’s experiences on Article 6
20 min WORLD VISION - Energy Efficient Stoves Program for Rural Ethiopia
20 min STELLA FUTURA - Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) Solar PV Program
10 min Break
20 min ENERTRAG - Green hydrogen for the production of ammonia in South Africa
30 min Discussion, Q&A
5 min Conclusion


Time (14:30-16:25 CEST) Content
10 min Welcoming Remarks 
20 min Sweden’s experiences on Article 6
20 min FIRST CLIMATE - Biogas to Energy Program Argentina
10 min Break
20 min AMMADOL BIO Waste to Value - Biogas and Bio Fertilizers in Dominican Republic
10 min WOCAN - Feasibility Study for W+ Standard Application to the Ammadol Bio Project
20 min Discussion, Q&A
5 min Conclusion